Google’s massive reorganization: Facts you need to know about Alphabet

g for google alphabet

Web giant Google has been reorganized heavily with a new CEO and a bold organizational restructuring. The giant tech company Google, as you used to know it, the entity behind Google Search, Gmail, Android, ambitious robots, life science, Google X lab and many more, is reintroducing its identity with Alphabet.

Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have started a new umbrella company called Alphabet which is now the parent/holding company of Google.

So, technically, from the viewpoint of size, the word ‘Google’ has been replaced by ‘Alphabet’. All the shares of Google being traded by stock market is going to be converted as Alphabet’s share. Google will exist as a wholly owned subsidiary of Alphabet.

At Alphabet, Larry Page is the CEO and Sergey Brin is the president. Newly created Alphabet’s subsidy Google gets Sundar Pichai as its CEO whose previous role was SVP at the main Google company.

From now on, the brand Google will be dedicated to internet centric services and Alphabet will focus on other projects like autonomous cars, life science endeavors, robots, X lab etc.

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